Thursday, 6 April 2017

Melanotaenium ari / Melanustilospora ari

Possibly a new county first for a smut Melanotaenium ari / Melanustilospora ari (both names have been suggested as current) which causes galls on Lords and Ladies (Arum Lily). In Rowney Warren, on just a single plant.

The NBN Atlas ( shows records only for Shropshire, Surrey and Herefordshire in the British Mycological Society's dataset. How did it turn up in a Bedfordshire wood, and is it under-recorded here, or is this just a single plant...?


Graham Bellamy said...

blimey..thought they were supposed to be there!! Graham Bellamy

Keith Balmer said...

Some black marks on the top surface are normal for Arum, but those don't have the blisters underneath