Sunday, 3 April 2016

Cooper's Hill - Green Tiger Beetles

I expected to see a flush of newly emerged Green Tiger Beetles today at Cooper's Hill and wasn't disappointed. They gave me the usual run-around, refusing to be photographed, but I was able to snap one or two when it became overcast and they slowed down a bit:

Cooper's Hill - Cladonia lichens

Some very attractive Cladonia lichens in "flower" on Cooper's Hill:

Cooper's Hill - Minotaur Beetle

A female Minotaur beetle, Typhaeus typhoeus, out for a ramble on Cooper's Hill today.

Cooper's Hill - Muntjac

Butterfly record processing for 2015 complete, and Adnoto enhancements put on hold for a day, my first serious wildlife outing of the year took me to Cooper's Hill for a potter round. This Muntjac was wandering around, bold as brass!