Saturday, 31 May 2014

Grapholita pallifrontana

Now is the time to be looking for the rare micro moth Grapholita pallifrontana, which is a UK BAP Priority Species. Here's one of three that I found today at Mowsbury Hill LNR. They sit on top of foliage, usually alongside, rather than on, wild liquorice its larval food plant throughout much of the day so are fairly easy to spot once you get your eye in. They do a wonderful gyratory dance when they notice your presence.

I checked most of the known liquorice sites two years ago and found the moth at all but one. That was Sundon Hills, where there is much liquorice along the foot of the scarp westwards from Moleskin. I'd be surprised if the moth isn't there. Worth looking if you are in the area. Records to David Manning of course if you find it.

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