Tuesday, 2 July 2013

BIG day out in Chicksands Wood

Here's just of few of the species found by the Beds Invertebrate Group today in Chicksands Wood:

A female Cyclosa conica with the stabilimentum showing across her web, ID'd by Ian. (In shade under trees. I could have done with my tripod).

 A female Volucela inflata (the star hoverfly of the day according to John who identified it):

A goat willow leaf after a colony of sawfly larvae had largely finished with it. (There are still a few along the bottom edge):

 A Common Groundhopper (Tetrix undulata):

A longhorn beetle found by Peter, eventually keyed out by me as Stenocorus meridianus, initially thrown by its diminutive size into thinking it was something else.

A micro moth which will probably have to go to David for determination, tentatively assigned to the genus Syncopacma:

 Sawfly larvae, now identified as Craesus latipes (thanks to Ian for obtaining the ID) on a birch sapling:

A fly, identified as Calliopum simillimum [Lauxaniidae] by Alan:

 A picture wing fly, Urophora jaceana agg [Tephritidae], which would require dissection to ID to species (and then with difficulty). Thanks again to Alan for the ID.

Thanks to my BIG friends for their company, discoveries and expertise.

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