Sunday, 14 April 2013

Old Warden parasites

My first Nomada sp. of the year on a Primrose in Old Warden...

... and also my first Bee Fly (Bombilius major), both species being bad news for solitary bees on which they are parasitic.

Old Warden Red Kite

My annual deviation into photographing something with feathers occurred today in Old Warden where a Red Kite was souring on the strong breezes. Sadly I'd decided to leave my long lens at home so they aren't very good, just small crops. And no, the first photo hasn't been rotated, it was caught by a gust.

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Priory Business Park Orchids

It's surprising what you can find when you visit somewhere a bit different. I happened to wander through Priory Business Park today (south of Priory Country Park, by the bypass) and looked at the verges. There were quite a few Bee Orchid rosettes within them. I don't suppose many will flower as the verges will probably be mown. Stannard Way's west verge north of roundabout had quite a lot, this being the largest that I spotted.

Altica sp.

It must be spring as these flea beetles (approx 5mm long) were getting frisky at Priory Country Park today. They keyed out as either Altica palustris or A.lythri (which are hard to separate). The green and blue ones are just different colour forms.