Saturday, 30 March 2013

Collembola 1

Delved into the wonderful world of Collembola (springtails) today, bouncing around in my garden leaf litter. Here's a selection of what I found. Identifications have kindly been provided by Alan Outen. (Species 4 remains unidentified). Click any photo for larger view.

Species 1: Orchesella cincta

Species 2: Entomobrya intermedia

Species 3: Tomocerus vulgaris

Species 4:

Species 5: Orchesella villosa

Species 6: Pogonognathellus longicornis

One of the above species (I think), showing the spring tail.

My favourite globular species will be in the next post...

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Mick E.T. said...

Great set of Collembola. Species 4 is a juvenile Orchesella cincta. Look at the first and second antennal segments and compare with the adult female in image 1. The males are very much darker.