Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Potter around Willington

A pleasant potter in Willington this afternoon revealed more than I'd hoped:

Quite a few Common Darters still around. Here's a female and male waiting on the old station  platform:

One Common Alder tree had several Speckled Bush-crickets basking in the warm sunshine. Here's a female taking a dump (sorry) and a male:

Fresh robin's pin cushions, also known as bedeguar galls, on dog rose caused by the gall wasp Diplolepis rosae

A rather tatty female Migrant Hawker taking a rest:

 Quite a few of these Heteroptera which I presume to be Pantilius tunicatus on Common Alder:

 An Angle Shades moth sitting out the day at the side of the cycle track:

 A couple of very small beetles, presumably Chrysomelidae. Sorry, I forget what plant they were on.

 Oh, and another Comma. You can't, have, too, many, Commas. (Well, maybe you can):

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