Sunday, 12 August 2012

When Bee Wolves attack

You may have seen Philanthus triangulum (the Bee Wolf) flying honey bees to her nest, well this is what happens earlier (with the inevitable blade of grass ruining the pictures). The first photo in the sequence was taken about 10 seconds after the wasp attacked the bee (I was slow into action) and the final photo 36 seconds after this, when the wasp flew off with the bee. The sting was inserted for all of this time, seemingly somewhere beneath the thorax. The flip from inverted to verted(?) flight was out of frame.

There was a lot of "mouth to mouth" action that looked like kissing but this may have been the wasp trying to get a grip on the bee's tongue, which it did for a little while.

The action took place on the permissive path along the southern edge of Stone Lane Quarry. I hung around the area in case she considered this a successful hunting ground but never saw her return.

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Brian White said...

Amazing, thank you. I have seen a jumping spider just miss a carder bee. Nothing like this!