Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Episyron rufipes

One of those frustrating days today when you trudge around and don't see much, and when you do see something the camera doesn't quite focus on what you want, or the exposure is off, or ...  Here's the best of a bad bunch.

At Cooper's Hill a female spider-hunting wasp, Episyron rufipes, checks that her nest hole is ready for its victim:

The prey which had been previously caught, immobilized and stashed in nearby heather was then dragged backwards to the hole. (No photos of the dragging as the focus was all over the shop).

Then the hole was filled in with a lot of kicking-in of sand using the front legs. The blur isn't entirely my camera shake as the wasp was dashing around and the sand particles were moving at quite a lick.

Hope to do better next time I'm out.

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