Monday, 9 July 2012


Spotted a swarm of Honey Bees in a hawthorn bush this afternoon. Having previously been chased by bees from a hive, and aware of how dangerous a swarm caught out in bad weather can be, I approached this situation with extreme caution; rucksack left along the path, handles uppermost ready to be grabbed at pace; hat on head to stop bees getting entangled in remnants of hair (don't laugh) which could send out alarm signals; longest lens on my camera; river nearby to jump into if all else failed!

Initially I watched from a distance to assess the situation. All seemed placid, with single bees leaving and returning and no interest shown in me. Shot some rubbishy snaps in case I couldn't get better. Then very slowly over 70 minutes moved slowly closer, getting ever better pics, while watching very closely for any signs of inquisitiveness or aggitation, at which point I would have backed off and called it a day. In the end I got as close as I dared and never had a single bee investigate me.

I would caution against ever approaching a swarm. I was lucky (and probably foolhardy) on this occasion and got some great shots, but I would always take extreme caution in this situation as next time the bees might be in a very different mood!!!

Where's Wally...?
...behind the lens!

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