Sunday, 8 July 2012

Liquorice Piercer - Grapholita pallifrontana 3

Botanical records of wild liquorice led me to Dungee Wood RNR today, where near to a small clump I found another Grapholita pallifrontana. This is the fifth Beds 10km in which I've found it in the last three weeks, doubling the UK's extant squares according to the UK BAP document at! Is Bedfordshire in some way special, or hasn't it been looked for very hard?

The list of sites so far is Mowsbury Hill LNR, the disused railway south of Cardington (two 10km sqrs), Sharnbrook Summit NR and now Dungee Wood RNR.

The only site at which I've found liqourice but not the moth, despite visiting twice, is Moleskin, along the bottom of the scarp. Maybe someone else will be more lucky there.

Here's today's:

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