Sunday, 27 May 2012

Great Ouse Odonata Survey

Heading east from Great Barford along the northern bank of the Great Ouse, nearly to the Ivel confluence, I covered four 1km squares, seeing very few butterflies but a good range of Odonata including my first Scarce Chasers of the year. (All my records are in Living Record if you want to see them mapped).

Scarce Chaser: Eight seen today. (I rescued two - one trapped in long grass and the other in a cobweb). These have a limited range in Beds - how far up the Great Ouse do they go? Now is the right time to find out...

Large Red Damselfly tucking into a mayfly:

Female Banded Demoiselle flexing her wings:

Male Banded Demoiselle a little further along the same barbed wire:

It's only when you get in close with a flash that you realise just how hairy Banded Demoiselle heads are!

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