Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Focus Stacking

Shortly after my last post about macro depth-of-field I stumbled across a technique called "Focus Stacking" in which a sequence of photos with slightly different focus points are combined via software to create an image with an impossibly large depth of field. Today I found myself staring a weevil in the eye and decided to give it a try. I simply focussed just short of the snout then let the camera's continuous shooting take 11 shots as I slowly fell forwards. I fed the images into the freeware CombineZP and the following is the result. Clearly there are out of focus bands where I moved a bit too quickly but the result is quite impressive for a first hand-held attempt! Click on the photo to see that it is mostly in focus from the tip of the snout to the leaf behind.

1 comment:

Gary said...

A new technique to me Keith, and looks like it gives amazing results so will be giving it a try :o) Thanks for sharing!